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What you'll get from our training video, workbook and LIVE webinar:

  • confidence that you know where you want your degree to take you
  • confidence that you've made the right course choice
  • OR be empowered to change to the course that you really want
  • an understanding of how Clearing works
  • activities to prepare you for Clearing

Live Q&A Session at 6pm on Thursday 3rd August.

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What People Are Saying:

Thanks for the session earlier today - many useful points pulled out and really good to be thinking about these things for our students!

My students really enjoyed the workshop you ran. They might have enjoyed it too much actually and preferred yours and Alex’s style. The traitors!

I have attended quite a few course, but yours is really perfect, because you give lots of examples, but other people don't. The more examples, the better! Everything was useful!

I have received my portfolio back and I am really happy to let you know that I have received an 82% Mark. Thanks you very much for your help as your inputs had certainly a huge impact on this score.