Episode 1: What do hobbies teach us about learning? Or, practice makes progress

Hello dear listeners! We are absolutely thrilled to release this pilot episode of our brand new Wyrd Learning podcast! Today, we introduce ourselves Alex and Tracy, talk about the work we do in a UK University and reflect on what it was like starting our degrees way back when we were teenagers. The most stressful bit was worrying about making friends and creating a supportive environment in which we could thrive in our studies. We both found this support through flatmates and extra-curricular pursuits - there are certainly many sports and activities to choose from at university. We talk about how our hobbies have both taught us about learning, as well as distracted us from our studies, with some tantalising takeaways for you on how to prepare more effectively for exams, free up more of your time and reduce stress levels.

Resources mentioned:

Matthew Walker, Why We Sleep

Stephen Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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