Episode 4: Tips to Fend Off FOMO During Freshers’ Week

Do you have to go to everything in Freshers’ Week to make friends, or can you opt out if a Ball, going clubbing or nights out aren’t your thing? Think about it. If you don’t like clubbing and drinking, then going to those events is probably going to attract people who DON’T like the same things as you. Everyone has a filter in the first few weeks, no one needs more barriers to getting to know others. It will take time to establish long term friendships and habits that suit you. Have a listen to our latest episode to help you make the most of your relationships at Uni.

This week's episode focuses on helping you navigate all the new interactions with others at Uni, so that you can build long term friendships with people you feel comfortable with, and who bring out the best in you. It’s a good one, so be sure to tune in!

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