Episode 9: How to pick yourself up from failure

This is actually the first podcast episode we've recorded in MONTHS! Our last release was recorded during last summer’s heatwave, with fans on and curtains drawn, would you believe? It couldn’t feel more different right now - I’ve been working with a scarf on and remembering all the recording techniques we used to practise, but have forgotten through the past few months. 

Well, there’s some authenticity for you, eh? We're all about embodying the (re-)learning process, so that we're actually practising what we teach. Having run Wyrd Learning for about 9 months now, we're still continually finding our rhythm with the things we want to achieve and are really excited to be getting back into our podcast more regularly now. It’s all a learning process…

In this episode, we offer impactful suggestions to reframe what failure (and success) actually mean, by drawing on our own colourful pasts. We discuss the non-linearity of learning by exploring a few myths, especially ideas of age-appropriate development, in-groups (and outliers) and how exponential growth happens. 

Hint: it will feel like someone's pushed you off a cliff! Exponential growth doesn’t feel comfortable, or cosy under your duvet, I’m afraid. So if you want to achieve huge leaps such as a 2.2 to a 1st, it will feel terrifying at times. However, with our support, you will at least feel like there’s a bungee cord attached to you, properly weight-tested and all that, so that it becomes a calculated risk, rather than a reckless leap….aaaaaaaahhhh….

Aaaannnyway, we hope this will help you understand and embrace the superhuman leaps that students make while at university. And, for those of you who have, care for, or teach young people, to support their (often scary) personal developments with good humour and compassion.


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