Episode 11: The Write Way to Reflect: Unlocking the Potential of Reflective Writing Assignments

Reflective assignments are mandatory in many disciplines at University, such as healthcare and teaching. And, they're becoming increasingly common in other subject areas too, as a form of 'authentic assessment'. This refers to assessment that relates to something you might be asked to do in real life. In most workplaces, employees are asked to reflect on their past year as part of their continuing professional development. So, although many students dread reflective assignments, it will actually give you a huge advantage in your career prospects and personal aspirations, to practise, and use reflective techniques effectively. In this episode, Alex and Tracy discuss a few reflective models, and share stories about the positive impact that reflection has had on their personal growth, well-being and professional development. We're also very excited to announce our Masterclass on The Secrets of Reflective Writing, taking place live on 18th May, 2023. Enrol by the 3rd May to take advantage of our exclusive EARLYBIRD27 offer code, and enjoy HUGE savings on this transformative programme.

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