Episode 13: BISH BASH BOSH! How to get it done

In today's episode, your hosts, Alex Patel and Tracy Dix delve into the fascinating world of time management, transforming their personal experiences and challenges into valuable lessons for all. They tackle the tricky reality of how traditional time management techniques often fall short, emphasising the power of a personalised approach. Listen to Tracy's captivating story of completing three assignments back-to-back during an all-nighter, demonstrating her undeniable tenacity but also the pressing need for better time management.

They explore the untapped potential of flexibility and creativity in assignments, like Tracy's out-of-the-box pomegranate-shaped poem, revealing how unconventional methods can make academic tasks more engaging and manageable. Tune in as they share their unique perspectives on studying smart, not hard, debunking the myths of last-minute cramming and advocating for consistency and understanding over rote memorisation.

From insights derived from neuroscience to the potency of question-based learning, they shed light on strategies that stimulate deeper engagement with study material. Moreover, they stress the power of note-taking for enhanced comprehension and retention, and the crucial balance needed in academic writing between specificity and generalisation.

But it's not all about academics; our hosts acknowledge the importance of including personal downtime in your schedule. From socialising to taking a walk while listening to a podcast, they advocate for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. All these lessons, anecdotes, and strategies converge to a critical point – the importance of time management and the need to make it an individualised, flexible, and dynamic process.

So, grab a pen and paper, prepare to be inspired, and most importantly, manage your time efficiently!


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