Episode #15: Adapting from 'A' Levels to Academic Life at University

If you're just starting out at University this academic year, or if you're currently considering your options for starting University in 2024, then this episode of the Wyrd Learning podcast is for you! Today, Alex and Tracy join forces with two A-Level students, Harri Jones and Emily Strong, to chat about the differences between learning at college versus university. How do you bridge the gap between learning facts on a board with your teacher, and developing the critical and evaluative skills that are needed to produce essays that will impress professors at degree level?

The truth is, you would already have begun to develop many of these skills and will find that this is a gradual, progressive but also well-supported journey as you go through your degree. So if the idea of creating new knowledge seems impossible to you now, worry not! Alex and Tracy explain how to apply your experiences at college to ensure that you're well-prepared for lectures and seminars. We share our top tips for how to study wisely and make the most of the facilities available to you at University, without feeling overwhelmed, or that you're missing out on anything.

We hope it all makes much more sense when you've listened to this episode. And, if you're starting university this academic year, be sure to sign up for our FREE session to give you the edge and Make A First-Class Start At University.



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