Episode 12: The Reflective Healthcare Practitioner - How Reflection Can Change Your Life

On this episode, Alex and Tracy welcome a special guest to our podcast. Jenny Prescot is currently a Specialist Midwife, with many years' experience of working as a Labour Ward Midwife, Practice Development Midwife and Labour Ward Coordinator in NHS Trusts in Birmingham and Warwickshire.


Jenny's also a longtime friend that Tracy met at the University of Warwick Pole Dance Society. Oooooh....If you've been following us for a while, you'll know how passionate we are about pursuing hobbies that really challenge us. If not, have a listen to our very first episode where we talk about this. Today, Jenny shares her insightful recollections of what reflective assessment was like as a student midwife, how it's transformed her as a person, her relationships with others, as well as how it's improved team-working and her decision-making processes under pressure. One of the most valuable discussions on this podcast is our recognition of how everyone is at different stages of their reflective journey. This can very much depend on our backgrounds and upbringing, but it's still possible for everyone to learn, practice and master reflective techniques for your university assignments. Then, apply them to your careers and later life in very transformative, and productive ways. This was a very deep discussion, and both of us picked up very useful nuggets of wisdom along the way. We're confident that you'll hugely benefit from this episode too - it's definitely not one to miss!


We're also very excited to announce our Masterclass on The Secrets of Reflective Writing, taking place live on 18th May, 2023. Enrol now for just a £27 investment. We've decided to offer it for this special beta rate to help as many students as possible, and to celebrate International Workers' Day, to recognise the labour movement and workers' rights to fair pay and good working conditions. After the 18th, it will go up to the usual price of £97.



Wikipedia offers a very useful, comprehensive summary of the Reflective Practitioner and reflective models we refer to during the podcast. Academics have differing opinions on whether students should reference Wikipedia or not. Please consider who's marking your work and what they advise regarding this matter, when referring to Wikipedia for assessed assignments.


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