Ready for Results Day and Clearing Call Masterclass


6pm BST Thursday 3rd August 2023


Registration Closes 11:45pm Thursday 27th July


A recording will be available afterwards.

Do you want to turn your Results Day jitters into confidence and preparedness?

Our free online masterclass, "Ready for Results Day & Clearing Call", is exactly what you need. Scheduled for 6pm on Thursday, August 3rd, this session is designed to equip you with comprehensive knowledge and tactics to navigate any Results Day scenario.

In this interactive webinar, we'll discuss various topics around the Clearing process and Results Day, creating a platform for you to voice any questions you may have. We aim to provide you with a full understanding of the process, preparing you to tackle any situation with ease and assurance.

One of the main features of our masterclass is the Clearing Call role-play. Here's your chance to try your hand at a mock clearing call under the guidance of our experienced facilitators. Through this practice, you'll gain invaluable experience, personalized feedback, and honed communication skills, setting you up for success if you need to make a real clearing call.

The masterclass goes beyond the role-play by providing additional advice on preparing for Results Day and handling Clearing scenarios. You'll learn how to stay calm and composed under pressure, which is crucial for this significant period. We'll help you gain an understanding of how Clearing works, leaving you feeling prepared, confident, and in control.

Don't let uncertainty overshadow this key academic milestone. Join us for our free webinar, "Ready for Results Day & Clearing Call Masterclass", and turn the tables on Results Day. Sign up now and take control of your future. The choice is yours!

What others say about us...

"I have received my portfolio back and I am really happy to let you know that I have received an 82% Mark. Thanks you very much for your help as your inputs had certainly a huge impact on this score."

"I have attended quite a few course, but yours is really perfect, because you give lots of examples, but other people don't. The more examples, the better! Everything was useful!"

"My students really enjoyed the workshop you ran. They might have enjoyed it too much actually and preferred yours and Alex’s style. The traitors!"

"Thanks for the session earlier today - many useful points pulled out and really good to be thinking about these things for our students!"